25. Januar 2017

Say "Hello!" to MrMasterKey.com in English

It is with great pleasure to announce the (partial) integration of my English website into MrMasterKey.com. This move has been on the cards for a long time. Although I'm happy that I've finally done it, it does come at a cost.

Since 2009, the English and the German websites have co-existed on different domains. The English one is/was hosted at masterkeysystem.tv, whereas the German one has always been at mrmasterkey.com. In the beginning it was easy to maintain both of them separately, but as of late the English one became the object of much neglect.

When I redesigned and completely changed the German one in February 2016, it became obvious that the English site would have to follow suit. However, multi-language sites are a pain in the arse, unless they are sort-of clones of each other, run by a multi-language plugin. This isn't the case here, as I have way more content in German than in English, so a compromise had to be sought.

The result of much deliberation is what you are seeing now: there is an English main menu, which - unfortunately - gets replaced as soon as the shop is entered. The entire shopping experience is also in German, so is what follows once you log in as a customer. The MKS book and the Student Handbook point to Createspace.com, where they can be purchased. They are also available on Amazon.com. The other products are available here, including the Study Service Emails. A number of customers have already purchased it here rather than at the old site.

There are English pages about the Study Service as well as the Master Key, about my availability as a guest lecturer and management and lifestyle coach/consultant. There's a page about Charles Haanel. One about myself follows in due course.

I have also added some English testimonials from a selection of my customers. The home page also links to the English products in the shop. The News page will call up news from the English category only, and the Contact page is also in English.

On the old site I had a number of articles for each of the chapters. I plan to add them shortly. There will also be a forum category for English speakers and clients of mine, where you can exchange your views and get assistance from fellow students. I will also answer questions as they arise.

The entire experience - you have been warned - will not be as smooth as I would like it to be, but I made a best effort to create a modern site that you can navigate and use. If there's anything strange or non-functional, please let me know. I promise to see to it, and I also promise to add much more English content to this site as the weeks go by. I will start with my YouTube videos, for which a separate channel exists, and for which I plan to have a separate page for each of the videos, making it easy for you to comment and engage.

This is it for now. 🙂

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