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26. August 2017

NEW RELEASE: The Master Key System audio book!

It is with great pleasure to announce the release of the all-new Master Key System audio book. This professional recording comes with music specifically composed for this audio book, and it also includes my commentary featured in the Master Key System Centenary Edition. The total playing time of this audio book is 11:27 hours, and until 1 September it's available at an introductory price of only 59.00 Euro.

A new product always carries a massive load of magic, and non-chalant announcements rarely do it justice. This new audio book is a product of my heart. It's been in the making for a long time, and I am both super happy and super thrilled that it's finally seen the light of day. The end result - I am sure - will please you no end!

Nothing but the best will do

  • This audio book been professionally recorded and mastered. The speaker is no other than Peter Baker, an ex-BBC newsreader and voiceover genius from the UK, who himself is a keen student of the Master Key System. This obviously helped a tremendous amount in getting the emphasis right, which is so important when listening to the written word. Peter did an amazing job, and this audio book wouldn't be the same without him.
  • The Master Key System is no small feat. It's at least 9 hours of uninterrupted reading, with the introduction even more. This means there had to be some background music as well as introductions, bridges and highlights in order to ease up on the mentally haevy and taxing material. Just as happy as I was to find Peter, I was to find Armen Synytsyn of Studio Etude in Ukraine. I had previously purchased some of his work online - the background music of my Facebook Live Streams is his - and contacted him to perform this custom job for me. He presented me with a kit of intros, bridges and parts that I could arrange in many different ways, adding variety and appropriately placed musical breaks to the many hours of Peter's reading.
  • My Master Key System Centenary Edition features - among others - added commentary, explaining certain aspects and clarifying certain points of the MKS. These I built into the audio book, and highlighted them so that they stand out without interrupting the flow. Apart from helping you with understanding the material, they also add a modern touch to this century old teaching.

Satisfying the needs of Master Key students demanding top quality products

Before I embarked on this project, I was obviously aware of the fact that there are already at least five different audio books available. I respect and value each of them for the tremendous amount of work that has gone into them. They did, however, not satisfy me. Some had too much of an American accent; one had noise on the line; another one's voice was recorded without a pop-shield, so ever spoken "p" left a disturbing popping sound; another one was read too fast and - believe it or not - without appreciation for the content; last but not least, all of them were already at least a couple of years old and offered at a budget price - some even for free as a quick search on YouTube will reveal.

There's nothing wrong with "FREE", except for one vital element: people don't value that which has been given to them for free. So you may have FREE (always in CAPITALS, it seems) access to a Master Key System audio book, but what value do you really get out of it? This is obviously very personal and therefore subjective, but here we have a new product aimed at a different type of Master Key System student: at high-quality, motivated individuals who settle for nothing but the best, and whose level of self-worth and -appreciation extends to the products they seek out in the market and go into resonance with. In short: there's a market for entry level products at a budget price, just as much as there's one for high level products aimed at those for whom not price but value is the primary motivation.

That said, I can't wait to listen to it myself - as a student. I've spent weeks producing it, mixing and mastering, changing and adjusting, nagging Peter with small but vital corrections, as well as the usual doubt any creative has when birthing a new product. All this is over now, and I am proud to present to you this amazing product.

Master Key System Audio Book Sampler

Here's a 23 minute sampler for you to enjoy. It's a cross-section of pieces from the introduction as well as individual chapters, and will give you sufficient idea about Peter's voice, Armen's music, my commentary and the final product arrangement.

If you like what you hear and would like to purchase this product as an MP3 download, please head over to the shop page, where it's awaiting you. You can pay for it using your credit card, Paypal, EFT (in Europe) and even the Ether crypto currency.

Please leave me a comment below with your impression of this new audio book. I can't wait to hear from you, and with that I shall remain with peace and blessings,


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