The Master Key System on Meru Matu’s Sun Soul Astrology

Meru and I have known each other for over ten years when we first met at a popular bar in downtown Cape Town, South Africa. We were immediately drawn to each other by our interest in “The Secret”, which at the time just hit the independent cinemas. It took us a decent amount of time to once again link up, but here we go.

The first video – both are about 2 hours long, so please watch them only when you have enough time and are in the right frame of mind, is dealing with the rough stuff around the Master Key System. It’s connecting it to the 7 Hermetic Principles and the Chakra System. It also explains the interaction between the consciocus mind and the subconscious mind. It teaches you how you can bring those two centers into conscious alignment. This allows you to change any circumstance in your life to a more positive one.

The Master Key System

The second one that we recorded a couple of days later digs a little deeper. This time we were talking about the chakra system, and how you can remove any blockages in your life. We were also reviewing the 7 Hermetic Principle. We touched on a fantastic card system for finding out more about yourself. I extolled on the male-female duality, and how to utitlise it in your daily life.

Hermetics of Mastery Through Energy Center Activations with Helmar Rudolph

To this is it. Enjoy watching those videos, and enjoy and prosper.

Peace and blessings,


Cover pic (c) Transcendence Works

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