What is the Master Key System?

The Master Key System is a 24-week self-study course in self-actualization and self-attainment through the development of the mind by means of truthful and logical thinking. It leads to a superior intelligence, clarity of thought, determination in action, enabling the student to live a sovereign life on higher planes, in other words: a healthy, wealthy and harmonious life first and foremost with oneself, as well as one’s personal and professional environment.

It explains – based on scientific grounds – spiritual, non-physical principles, which are also called “Natural Laws”. The Master Key System is a practical application of the 7 Hermetic Principles (See the Kybalion under “Downloads”). Just as much as an intelligent use of physical laws, ie. electricity or gravitation, leads to distinct benefits for the advancement in life, the intelligent use of spiritual laws does exactly the same.

The Master Key System was first published in 1912 within the Masonic Lodges, where Bro. Charles was a fellow member. The first public release in course format was in 1916; to the best of my knowledge the first book release followed in 1919.

How is the Master Key System structured?

It consists of 24 weekly chapters, each one with a specific exercise and a question & answer section. Whereas the written material appeals to the logical mind and deepens the student’s insight into spiritual concepts, the exercise is the practical application of it. The exercises make up the “S” in the MKS, as each one builds ontop of the other, providing the keen student with further abilities in the realm of physical and mental control and relaxation, visualization, concentration and contemplation. This is what effects the actual change in a someone’s personality, as your entire life consists of a continuous pulsation of control (male) and relaxation (female).

Knowledge doesn’t apply itself“, Charles Haanel writes, so it is the student who – by the means of the exercises and their extension into daily life – has to apply it. Practice makes perfect. Spiritually practice is what leads to habitual action, to automation and a subsequent imprinting and influencing of the Subsconcious Mind, the place where manifestation as far as we understand it takes place.

What is the Master Key?

In short: Truthful thinking in accordance with Natural Law. Thinking is what connects the Individual to the Universal Mind, allowing the former to act as a channel and conduit for the latter, where all Substance already exists as potential. Thinking by means of Inductive Reasoning (which is the comparing of individual cases until a common denominator is found, therefore getting from Belief to Knowledge about certain things) eventually leads to the discovery of the Truth and thus Wisdom. The Belief has been put to the test and is no longer one, but a living Truth. This removes the element of uncertainty from one’s life and replaces it with predictability, hence peace of mind and eventually intelligent decisions.

What’s in it for me?

A new life. You become more aware, attentive and observant. Your mind quickens. You will be able to visualize ideals and turn them into reality through a systematic process of reducing the frequency of the image you hold steadily in your mind and increase the density of it until it has taken shape and form. This is how manifestation is guaranteed.

Is it esoteric?

Not in the sense the word is used today. The Master Key is about a logical, scientific process that everybody can understand and apply in their own life – irrespective of their religious, social or cultural background or understanding, education or financial situation.

Does it work?

No. It is not meant to work. You are meant to work, as your studying the MKS deals with your own life. The MKS simply says: “This is how things are (as they are Law) and how you and all others can benefit from it.” Applying the Master Key means you understanding the spiritual laws that make up your entire existence and consciously applying them, rather than continuing to live in their ignorance with the obvious negative consequences for your health, material well-being, as well as your happiness and harmony.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. The PDF can be downloaded for free. However, Helmar Rudolph is offering a unique study service for those new to the subject, assisting them over the entire period of their studies with additional information, insight and his own experiences. This study service is offered here for currently €59.00 Euros.

How quickly do I start seeing results?

As soon as you start paying closer attention to things – no matter where or what! Your intention governs your attention, and what you pay attention to, you become conscious of – negative as well as positive things. That’s law. So your attention is now increasingly directed at the things you want more of, ie. health, wealth and happiness, and less and less at those things you don’t want to see manifested in your life.

Absorbing additional information leads to a recognition of patterns. That gives you certainty, which in turn leads to centeredness, then to peace of mind and finally intelligent decisions. Intelligent decisions are those that have a vital principle and contribute to the continuation of life on higher planes.

How much time does it take to study?

You will require about 1.5 hours a day, incl. the exercise. You will, however, keep referring to the individual chapters over and over again, even after your official end of the course.

What happens if I skip the exercises?

You are wasting your time. It’s the exercises that empower you by means of new capabilities. That and only that changes your Being, read: your power to manifest new things.

How do I know I’m succeeding with my studies?

  • When you are cool, calm and collected.
  • When your drive and determination increases, and you serve others so that they serve you.
  • When you control your emotions rather than them controlling you.
  • When you think, speak and act beautifully, read: harmoniously.
  • When you can tell Cause and Effect apart.
  • When you only set causes in motion of which you know that they have a systematic, constructive and harmonious effect.
  • When your bank balance increases while you are using the money to make even more.
  • When there is no need anymore to see a doctor.
  • When you are surrounded by beautiful, harmonious, intelligent, driven, determined, loving and compassionate people, who are enriching you as you are enriching them.

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