The Youth is our future – always has been, always will be. It is our responsibility to equip them with meaningful and profound knowledge and insight both about their true origin, and the tremendous potential that lies within them – ready to be awakened. In the past we have failed bitterly. We dare not continue making this mistake, and convey to them now the wisdom of the Ages in a practical and applicable manner, allowing them to create a better world for all of us.

Available to academic institutions worldwide

Talks, lectures and presentations are nothing new to me. I have been giving them ever since I started with my database marketing and relationship management consultancy back in 1993. Since the Master Key System came into my life in 2007, I have added to that over 80 talks and seminars all over German-speaking Europe and South Africa.

As everything has its time, I’m now expanding on this by offering my expertise and experience to private and public Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics, to schools and other educational institutions.

I am available to lecture both ad-hoc or on a course level at select times of the year on a variety of subjects. You will find them listed on my spiritual management consulting page. Please enjoy.

Fee Structure

My fee structure is negotiable. Most important to me is that the message gets conveyed. Everything has its price, and so do I. It has certainly increased over the years, but that shouldn’t discourage you from getting in touch with me. So far, everybody who engaged or hired me, got far more than they paid for, and I shall keep it that way.

As a rough guideline, my daily fee at academic institutions is 2500.00 Euro – and that’s per day, not just the mere lecture. Special arrangements are of course available upon request. Travel and possible accommodation is normally charged extra or arranged by the institution, unless I am already on or near location.

Social Responsibility

Whenever funds are scarce, I am most happy to be accommodating. Costs, however, will have to be covered. Sponsorships or an extra public or commercial talk/seminar are alternative ways of getting me to present at your institution, without incurring the full speaker’s fee.

Helmar is a driven, talented and incredibly heart-centered entrepreneur whom I can rely on to speak the truth, give me amazing ideas and do the hard work necessary to move a project toward completion. His clarity and focus astound me constantly and I truly value his input! – Murray Gray


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