Not everyone who comes across the Master Key System is new to the subject matter. “Chances” are that the Law of Attraction works even better for those already in the know. If you are one of them, please read on in order to find out what the Master Key System has to offer you.

After reading many books on the subject, and even more material on the Net, reading The Master Key System has helped me a great deal in understanding my role in life. It has helped me understand who I am, how I am related to the Whole, what the connection is between the two, and how I can benefit from aligning myself consciously with it.

It may also be your experience, but what I have been exposed to thus far (that is until I found the MKS) were the technical details. They spoke about exercise of body and mind; they spoke about numerology, astrology, tarot, etc., therefore things that help you live a better life on the technical side. But nothing or no one explained the Big Picture to me in such clear words, and without making it overly complex. That’s the nice thing about Charles Haanel’s writing. He writes with such clarity and insight, with a sovereignty that is hard to find. And, rather than getting lost in abstract concepts, he brings it all down onto a sound scientific footing, because there we are in the realm of being able to repeat our “experiments”, and when they succeed, we leave the realm of belief and enter the realm of knowledge and truth.

So even though you may have a sound foundation as far as the philosophical aspect is concerned, or have dabbled with the technical aspects that exist in such beautiful abundance, the Master Key System will help you get a view of that aforementioned Big Picture.

Adding to the informational bits are the exercises, the actual “system” of the Master Key. Here you have the possibility to apply right away what you have learned, and apply it in a methodical and structured manner.

What is also nice is that the MKS is really open to anyone, irrespective of their belief system. It simply explains universal laws, and therefore truths, which do help everyone in their own development. If along your path you still haven’t come across the 7 Hermetic Principles (also laid out in “The Kybalion” – see Downloads – by the Three Initiates), the Master Key System wraps a pratical application layer around it, and makes it more undertandable.

You may already be familiar with the subject of conscious breathing, or breathing with intent. Charles Haanel alludes to it only briefly, but deals with it in much more detail in his book, “The amazing secrets of the Yogi”.

If you are looking for a sound scientific-metaphysical operation of the creative power of thought (aka “positive thinking”), you will find the Master Key System a valuable addition.

If you are keen to find out more about the power of concentration and the importance of Insight and Inutition, the Master Key System will help you there, too.

And if you are looking for that last missing piece of the puzzle in terms of you being a beautiful creation with god-given powers and a valuable entity contributing to the expansion of this time-space reality, then the Master Key System extends a warm welcome to you too.

Enjoy it, as you will find many a thing you know, and many a thing you may not. All in all, it will confirm and strengthen your belief and your resolve, and at the very least keep you on the rightful path of purposeful and conscious co-creation.

Peace and Blessings to you, Namasté!


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