I am glad you are reading this – welcome!. Other than on the other pages, I don’t need to write much here. Why? Because chances are you are applying some of the principles taught in the Master Key System already. Chances are that you already know how to create an ideal, how to visualize, to concentrate, to reason inductively, and then to map out a plan of action that turns a mere idea into a tangible product or service.

With the Master Key System, however, this is becoming so much more structured and logical. It also explains the link between the physical and the meta-physical. In fact, it brings together previously disconnected things, including the Chakras (your 7 Energy Centers situated along your spine). All of a sudden it all starts to make sense.

Charles Haanel himself was a successful businessman. That alone doesn’t qualify him as a writer, but he for sure knew how to write! Clear, concise, putting a fountain of meaning into every sentence, elucidating on complex subjects with a poise and ease that is truly rare, and which results in you obtaining a complete and scientific understanding of the Creative Process, which is commonly known as the Law of Attraction.

For forward-thinking managers, using the Master Key System has many-fold benefits:

  1. The knowledge contained in it can be taught to or passed on to the lower ranks, lifting them up to previously impossible heights, making the organization weatherproof and successfulin all its undertakings.
  2. It gives them the personal edge by removing the stress from of their daily business routine, allowing them to simplify their detailing without compromising on quality; allowing them to reach new heights in personal and professional satisfaction and to turn into a wholesome being with the tendency to help others rather than just a money-driven cog in a massive and often inhumane machine.

There is so much more to it, and if you require help, I’d be glad to assist with one-on-one or in-house consultations, talks, workshops or seminars. Please talk to me, for you will not only benefit from my experience with the Master Key System, but also 15 years of Customer Relationship Management consulting, and being at the forefront of software development and marketing for many years, too.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Helmar Rudolph


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