Come, let’s face it: seeking sucks! It sucks because it saps energy. Seeking isn’t the same as discovering, because the former implies a lack of something, whereas the latter is about acknowledging the abundance that exists everywhere and that one is about to unfold step by step anyway. So stop seeking and start discovering!

With the Master Key System, your search has come to an end. Sure, you will continue to read plenty of books, but the MKS explains to you the absolutely fundamental principles that your very existence (and I mean that) is based on.

The MKS explains:

  • Who you are
  • Who or rather what God is
  • How you are connected to God
  • How you can open and widen that connection, so that you life an absolutely awesome life

Charles Haanel does this by taking the 7 Hermetic Principles, namely

  1. Mentality
  2. Vibration
  3. Correspondence
  4. Polarity
  5. Rhythm
  6. Cause and Effect
  7. Gender

and wrapping them into clear and concise words, PLUS a practical plan of action (through the exercises).

No matter what you’ve read so far, no matter what subject you’ve dabbled with our engulfed yourself into, those four points above plus the seven hermetic principles are still the very foundation of your life. In other words: it helps to know them and get really comfy with them, because they are at the root of all attainment.

Now, here might be the crux: as a seeker you’re interested in seeking, right? With the MKS, however, you turn into a finder. Even better, you turn into a conscious co-creator, and you become a wandering light of beauty, abundance, health, harmony, love, compassion and appreciation. In short: you become a MASTER! Charles Haanel didn’t call it the MASTER Key System for nothing, so unless you are prepared to leave the seeking behind and turn into a powerful personality, you won’t get much further and keep seeking and seeking and seeking.

I don’t think I was a seeker, but I wanted to know. And when I first held the MKS in my hands, I knew that this was a mightly powerful piece of information. It was, indeed, a treasure chest. Geez, my Solar Plexus is going haywire even as I write this – he knows it’s the truth.

The nice thing about the MKS is that it addresses both cerebral hemispheres. The text appeals to the left-hand side, the exercises to the right-hand side. This way a wonderful balance is achieved. There are those who complain that the MKS is too “brainy”, but they only say this because they’ve never done the exercises. If they had, they’d know differently. So with this cranial balance in place, you gradually step up the ladder, into the Light, becoming a more wholesome being in the process. You are becoming enlightened. This is effected through your application of what you’ve read. Reading alone won’t do much other than satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to give up the stuff you are currently dealing with. The MKS complements the other modalities very nicely. In fact, it enhances them, because through your conscious development of your mental and intuitive faculties, you will also see them in a new light. Everything takes on a new meaning, everything is born again, because you are! You are creating different brainwaves, and these brainwaves resonate with like brainwaves. So your thinking of abundance, health, love, compassion, power, sovereignty, etc. resonates with life forces, growing and amplifying them. This way you really become a Master, and a guiding light for so many others. Right now you may still look for the light in others. Soon your own light will shine, and it will shine brightly. Welcome to the Master Key System!


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