Here I have compiled all the items which were previously posted on the old site in the forum and/or as posts. If there’s anything you would like to know or see covered, please let me know.

The Master Key System – a multi-dimensional approach

I often get asked what the Master Key System is all about. I then try to summarize it as briefly and accurately as possible. Over time I realized that there many different, yet concurrent explanations. Some of them I’d like to list here, perhaps helping you gain a better understanding or seeing it from a different perspective.

  • Truth: The Master Key System is about the Truth. It explains what the Truth is, and how we can benefit from expressing the Truth in thoughts, words and actions. This is done by extensively explaining what “principle” is and what it means.
  • Hermetic Principles: The Master Key System is a practical approach and explanation of the seven Hermetic Principles, as laid out by Hermes Trismegistos.
  • Self-actualization: By means of the exercises, the Master Key System equips you with extended capabilities in all realms necessary for manifestation. It teaches you physical and mental control and relaxation. It trains and expands your visualization powers. It trains and extends your ability to concentrate on any subject given, thus initiating the process of influencing the Universal Substance, the source of all existence.
  • Self-appreciation: The Master Key System guides you towards the appreciation of things seen and unseen – within yourself but also within everything on the outside. It explains why it is so important to look beneath the surface, why the not so obvious details are the important and thus valuable ones. This way you learn to appreciate and acknowledge also those things that previously you would have termed “bad” or “negative”. This in turn changes your entire outlook on life.
  • Self-realization: The Master Key System explains to you who you really are, what this thing we call “God” is, and how the two are connected. This way a vitally important element is added: motivation! Now knowing who you are and how you can tap into this Universal Substance to fulfill your dreams, you will get incredibly motivated to pursue your goals, rather than leaving them in the mental realm.

So, by knowing what the truth is, how the 7 Hermetic Principles function, how you use visualization and concentration to impress your thoughts on the Universal Substance, how you become appreciative of all of Existence, capable of observing well, as well as motivated to actually pursue your goals while feeling good and being supported by Faith, you are well on your way to making this life the very best you can.

The Master Key System: requirements and practical introduction

This article is aimed at those new to the Master Key System. It is meant to give you a good practical introduction as to what you can expect, but also what the requirements are for a successful completion. Please also check my Beginner’s Guide, as well as How to practice the MKS.

So without much ado, let’s get the requirements out of the way before you can begin:

  • You have to accept that things can change for you and don’t have to stay the same.
  • You have to show a good amount of discipline, for the course takes you at least six months.
  • You ideally have a quiet place where you can conduct the daily exercises.
  • You have to accept that there exists a universal intelligence higher than your own. It doesn’t matter which name you use for this intelligence.
  • You have to accept that there is a link between you and this higher intelligence, and that you can impact on it by means of truthful thinking.
  • You have to have about 90 minutes time each day for your studies. These 90 minutes comprise of the daily reading of the respective chapter, plus the exercise.

That’s about it. So if you are open to changing things, ready to accept a higher intelligence that you are connected to, and willing to make some sacrifices in terms of time and effort, you are all set.

Chapters with exercises

The Master Key System consists of 24 weekly chapters. Each one takes you about 30-45 minutes to read. Each chapter has a Questions and Answers section, and finishes off with an exercise. These exercises are compulsory. Omitting them results in an outstanding intellectual understanding of the creative process (aka Law of Attraction), but no more. It is the exercises that will equip you with new capabilities, which then have to be converted into daily application, for results are only possible if prior action has taken place.

The exercises are incremental and thus systematic. This is where the “system” of the Master Key System comes from. In the first weeks you learn about mental and physical control and relaxation. Then you learn to increase and hone your visualization skills – your ability to create new images in your mind of what you desire to have manifested. Then it’s onto concentration exercises, for through concentration you impact on this higher intelligence and cause that substance to yield to your thoughts. Thoughts create things, as you will learn in Chapter 3.

What you can expect

One of the first and immediate results you will see is a sense of mental ease and well-being. Reading Charles Haanel’s words will make you feel good inside, for they make immediate sense, even though you may still lack an understanding of the concepts. It is this feeling good about reading the text that will motivate you. You will want to know more – and that is a good thing.

The second result comes right on Day One, when you – perhaps for the first time ever – consciously sit still for 15-20 minutes. Sitting still soothes your muscles, your nerves and therefore your entire being.

The third result will not wait long before it appears. You will notice that things start to move in your mind. Your thoughts change, and you will see how you become more and more open to a “Yes, I can” attitude, which is a great motivator.

The fourth result is that you will become more aware of the use of language. Allow me to quote Charles Haanel from Chapter 15.

We know that the Universal Thought has for its goal the creation of form, and we know that the individual thought is likewise forever attempting to express itself in form, and we know that the word is a thought form, and a sentence is a combination of thought forms. Therefore, if we wish our ideal to be beautiful or strong, we must see that the words out of which this temple will eventually be created are exact; that they are put together carefully, because accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.

The fifth result, other than feeling good, becoming more relaxed, positive changes in your mind and an awareness of the importance of language is an appreciation of things. Difficult to explain this in detail, but you start appreciating things for what they are, just because they are. That appreciation is very important, because it helps you see the positive in anything that happens. Notice here that “appreciation” and “positive” are directly related.

Obviously, these results or personal benefits only refer to the first couple of weeks of studying. With time you become more and more capable of controlling and releasing thought. You become more motivated, driven, peaceful, compassionate, understanding, and helpful. You will be able to create images in your mind and – according to your ability – turn them into reality. You will be able to concentrate on any given subject and this way become informed about that subject. This information you are able to classify and then use in whichever way you prefer. Your ability to control your mind forces will ultimately result in you controlling health, wealth and happiness, but more on that in a moment.

What you cannot expect right away

If you are entirely new to mental and spiritual science, you are well advised to take it slowly. No, the million dollars or euros will not happen overnight, and no, a possible sorry state of health will also not return to normal overnight, and no, that long desired life partner will also not appear out of thin air. As much as it is technically possible and as much as I wish it on you, we still live in a vibrational universe. This means that your life is the result of your predominant mental attitude. Not what you think every now and then, but what is the result of continuous and constant conscious thinking and feeling and doing, so much that it has been ingrained in your own Being – that it has become a part of you. Notice here the word “be-come“, which expresses perfectly what it is all about.

For the first weeks, don’t expect what you would call “miracles”. Transformation, although with the capacity to be sudden and with a strong impact, does take time. It is a process of groth, of learning, practice and adaptation. My advice is to cherish and appreciate (there’s the word again!) the small things. This way you learn to appreciate the big things too.

Sheer brilliance as you go along

As you continue with your studies, you will experience many “Aha!” moments! Step by step things fall into place. Step by step a giant picture of a brilliant scheme of creation emerges. Most importantly though, you will recognize your own role in this scheme. Week by week you will become more capable, more motivated, more interested, more knowledgeable, more calm, more sovereign, more powerful, healthier, more loving and understanding.

Yes, there will still be times where you feel a bit depressed, or rather overwhelmed. That’s normal, as we all go in cycles and therefore underlie rhythms, some of which we aren’t even aware of. So don’t expect a linear, ever increasing amount of great stuff coming your way. Rather expect your ever increasing capability to deal with your environment, with people and circumstances. Also expect to become far more apt and willing to make your own choices, and that means to steer your own thoughts in the direction you want, because if you don’t, others will do it for you – and you will get what THEY wanted, not what YOU wanted! Always keep that in mind! The Master Key System is about taking control of your life, about adjusting to natural rhythms and about getting into alignment with natural laws, not subjugating yourself to some external force or influence. It is about applied intelligence, about practical wisdom, about making your ideas and ideals come true through a systematic and logical process of creation.

You will discover and understand all the love and beauty and infinite potential that is resting within you. Step by step you will come to understand who you really are, what possibilities lie dormant within you, and how you can tap into this universal intelligence in order to create the very life for you that you desire. This revelation is difficult to describe with words. It’s as if shackles and heavy weights are removed from you. You fell lighter. In fact, you feel enlightened, because this is exactly what is taking place. Enlightenment!

You will become aware of synchronicities. More and more things seem to “fall into place” for you, and you become aware of this falling into place, and express gratitude for it. It’s a beautiful thing when that happens.

You will also become more motivated to get stuff done, for the limits that previously held you back are being removed one by one. And great things come to those who think and then do great things. Yes, it’s not about an intellectual satisfaction only, but about turning this into practical application and therefore assisting or helping your fellow Man to also reach higher levels or live a better life. This way we all help each other live better, more peacefully and more healthily.

After the six months are over…

… you are very likely to start all over again. Yes, your MKS study doesn’t end with the six months. You will refer back to previous chapters again and again. You will gain new insight by reading sentences that you have read many times before. Understanding develops gradually, yet “Aha!” or “Eureka!” moments will pepper and enhance your gradual process of understanding. The Master Key System is unlikely to leave you, for you now have entered a domain of mind development that has so much more in store for you, for us, and for Mankind in general. The times are over where you were a worm without an understanding of natural and cosmic laws. Now you are becoming a conscious co-creator with an ever increasing sense of power and well-being.

What about Health, Wealth and Happiness?

So what about health, wealth and happiness?, you may ask. The answer is plain and simple: they depend on your understanding and practical application of the knowledge you gained through your studies.

Financial wealth is always a result of some kind of product or service being created and marketed successfully. It is always a result of a value-added transaction of sorts, where you receive a portion of a much larger amount that has in the process enriched and benefited many other people. You will learn more about this in Chapter 8, when you come to appreciate that appearances are deceptive and that there is so much more to any given thing than first meets the eye.

Health is the result of a state of mind, which causes you to understand your physical and emotional vessel, and subsequently feed these vessels with only the best material. In addition, you ensure that the waste products are being removed, so that the cells do not suffer from self-intoxication and therefore a breakdown of the natural order of things. In plain words: you will eat healthy food, think healthy thoughts, cleanse yourself externally and internally, and obviously strengthen your body, too, while keeping it nice and subtle.

Happiness is the result of peace of mind, of balance, of gratitude, of understanding, and of being of service to others – just to mention a few. Happiness – like everything – comes to you through appreciation, through your recognition of it inside of you and outside of you. There are so many things you can be happy about, but if you don’t see them and appreciate them, how can you be happy? Happiness comes and goes, but with the MKS you will become the master of your own happiness. You don’t rely any more on others to make you happy. You claim it yourself, and what you ask for, you shall receive!

So there. Although things can and do happen overnight, understand that studying the Master Key System is a gradual process of unfolding and development; a gradual process of acquiring knowledge and of applying it in your daily life. Step by step you will become cognisant of your own capabilities and powers, which you will then use in order to derive a benefit from it. “Use is the condition”, Charles Haanel tells us.

Now you are ready to go! Enjoy your studies and all the products and services that I have made available for you here on this website.

Mindfulness for a better life

Because of its utmost importance in your daily practice, I would like to draw your attention once again to the counter argument. This is absolute key! If you aren’t aware of your thinking, your words or actions, there is no way you will ever move in another direction. Our (subconscious) programming lets us act out our life pretty much automatically, so we aren’t even aware of what we think, say or do, because it is us.

If however, you don’t like what you perceive on the outside, it is paramount that you learn how to observe yourself, that you ‘watch’ your thinking, and that you catch yourself the moment you think or say or act negatively. Then stop for a brief moment and offer the counter argument. This changes the polarity of your thought and most likely the way you feel about something. It certainly makes you feel good about yourself.

Master your thoughts, master your life!

You don’t have to know 100% how that counter argument looks like, but if – for instance – you feel bad about another person, send that person love, understanding, forgiveness, strength and courage. In other words: be compassionate. Even if that energy, that thought, never reaches the other person, at least it has gone through yourself and changed the quality of your thoughts and thus the quality of your own vibrational makeup. So you see you’re doing yourself a favour, too!

If you make a habit of it; if you practice what the Buddhists call ‘mindfulness‘, then you do yourself the biggest favour ever, because you are becoming more discerning, more balanced in your judgment, more compassionate, and in essence far more intelligent!

Step by step, through this process of self-discovery, you are becoming a master of your own life and thus destiny. That this will have an impact on your emotional and thus physical being goes without saying. That this will then result in you becoming more stable, but also more motivated and courageous, also goes without saying.

So, if you still perceive something bad or negative on the outside, remember that it is your consciousness only that perceives it that way. Someone else may look at it and perceive it completely different. And as it is your consciousness, read: your story, it is also you who can and will change it. Step out, liberate yourself, stake that claim and catch yourself every time you have a negative thought. Then turn around and offer something of a benevolent quality. Then wonder and be amazed how good it makes you feel, and how beneficial this is for whatever follows suit.

Understanding God or the Universal Consciousness

Beginners often have problems understanding or “visualising” what we call God, or the Universal Consciousness. The very attempt to describe it would fail, as the absolute simply IS. It has no attributes other than pure Being.

In layman’s terms you may liken it to a sea and a drop of water. A drop of water is OF the sea, but not the sea itself. You are OF this Universal Consciousness, but you are not IT, because there is so much more to it than you as an individual can possibly display or portray.

Another analogy may be one of the human organism, where all parts are connected through this entity called ‘organism’, but one part – say the liver – may not necessarily know what the lungs are doing, yet all together they define through their own inherent intelligence the organism itself. A lack of intelligence, meaning a lack of order and harmony, will then display itself in that organ, and we are then to restore this harmony once again, or else.

Through your own thinking, you are tapping into the Universal. What you think is what you then verbalize. Someone once said “The word is the name of God”, and this is precisely it, because through your thinking you are attracting into your life new images and concepts, which you are then to talk about. The word as the result of your thought. And the very thing you think is the one you have created, by verbalizing you have given it shape and form and thus made the Unmanifest manifest.

I hope this has helped a little getting a grasp on this ‘big thing’, because once you have, plus identified your role in it, many boundaries and fears will fall away and you will be set on a wonderful path of self-liberalization.

Enjoy and Prosper!

The importance of the strong and often repeated counter argument

In chapter 2 we learn about making a strong counter argument the moment we catch ourselves in negative thoughts, words or acting out those patterns, and keep repeating it in order to form a new habit.

It cannot be stressed often enough to spend time and effort on understanding this, because untold numbers of people haven’t got any idea what they are doing to themselves by fighting the things they don’t like, by letting their thoughts run wild and not consciously deciding what is being passed on to the Subconscious Mind.

The only way to really change anything to the better is to move energetically, read: consciously, to the other pole, because only then you will become more conscious of what’s taking place there and therefore automatically less conscious about what’s taking place at the other pole. And this is effected by making the counter argument.

Take your time to internalise this and also listen to what you are saying, about the “I cannot” or “I want”, etc, because soon you will discover that you have to phrase everything as if you already have it, because that’s the only way you WILL ever get it.

Past thinking resulted in your current reality, and your current thinking will result in your future reality, so affirm now in mind and word that that you wish to manifest. Don’t get misled by your senses! They show you the results of past thinking.

The life of the Solar Plexus: Letting your Light shine

You may have heard it before in the video intro about myself: the importance of letting your light shine.

In Chapter 2, Charles Haanel explains the role of the Solar Plexus, our inner sun, a very real sun. The other morning I was thinking about what has Principle and what hasn’t. Specifically, why light has principle and darkness hasn’t. Apart from the fact that we measure large distances in light years rather than darkness years, and that darkness is merely the absence of light, there had to be more to it.

So I was thinking about stars and light and distance, etc., and was reminded of the movie Stardust, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert de Niro, Charlie Cox, Claire Danes and Siena Miller. In one of the last scenes, when the last remaining witch (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) was just about to “nuke” Quntin (C. Cox) and his beloved “star” (C. Danes). While he was now helpless as without any weapons, he asked her what to do, to which she responded: “What do stars do? They let their light shine.” And that’s exactly what she did. She shone her light and the witch was history.

Nice movie scene, you may say, and yes, but at the same time it was the naked truth. Darkness disappears when we let our light shine, which is why it is so important that we are consciously (re-)activating our Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus has to radiate energy, and when it does, darkness has to disappear, for it cannot stand the light. Make it a regular exercise to activate your Solar Plexus and let your light shine, and be amazed be the results!

Remember, in the chakra system the Solar Plexus is the 3rd chakra. It is about self-empowerment and self-realization. The next chakra, the heart chakra, is about universal love. Now your only way to the heart chakra is through the Solar Plexus, for you have to empower and know yourself first, followed by your appreciation for all creation, before you can enter the heart chakra, where universal love resides.

You see, the life of the Solar Plexus is not just an abstract concept. Quite to the contrary, it plays a paramount role in our existence. Charles Haanel knew this, and this is why he has placed this right at the beginning of your studies.

The meaning of “inhibiting all thought”

The other day in the German forum the subject of inhibiting all thought came, as someone found the exercise of Chapter 2 contradictory. If one inhibits all thought, “inhibiting” in the sense of shutting them off, how can one control them?

On close inspection the initial German translation proved less than optimal, but because there might be some confusion about this, allow me to explain what’s meant with it.

If you inhibit all thought, it means you slowing them down rather than letting them flow uncontrollably or shutting them off altogether. The slowing down allows you to become aware of them, and once aware of them, you can decide whether to entertain them any longer or reject them right away.

This way you gain control over your thoughts and therefore your entire life. As thought-control is the essence of the Master Key System, I found it important to point this out to you, so that you can master this exercise with ease and proceed to Chapter 3.

Thought is creative

It is important to remember that thought is creative, irrespective of the quality of thought. However, even more important to remember is the fact that negative thinking leads to destruction, destruction of something that was previously positive. Negative thinking doesn’t have principle, because it has no life force. It doesn’t sustain, because in the end you fall victim to it – it destoys the destroyer, the one who’s thought those thoughts.

Positive, and that is … systematic, harmonious and constructive thinking does have principle, because it creates something out of nothing. No-thing is still something, just no perceptible with our senses, residing in the high-frequency, low-density realm that we call the Universal Consciousness or God.

So when you think positive and follow up that positive thinking with positive words and positive deeds, it will lead to a positive mindset and a positive life, because what you perceive on the outside is just a reflection of who you ALREADY ARE on the inside, not the other way round.

Keep that in mind with every thought you hold, every word you say, every deed you do, and remember that you are the Master of your own destiny – you create YOUR world as you go along. And now it’s time to create it consciously. Enjoy!

As a follow-up on this topic, here are some more thoughts of mine.

“Thoughts become things” is the title of this third part. We know that thoughts are creative. However, this must not be confused, because not every thought turns into reality. Reality is a construct of many many thoughts combined. A single thought is way too weak in energy in order to affect anything – at least on our current level of existence and with our current level of concsiousness.

Charles Haanel talks about a predominant mental attitude, and that’s what we create by thinking the same thought over and over again. It takes discipline to do that and not allow diverging or opposing thoughts to come to the surface. Once we have made this quality of thought our predominant mental attitude, we’ve created a habit. This habit then turns automatic if continued. Then it becomes us, and we have changed our neurological pathways and connections and created a sensitivity for the very thing we have thought about so many times.

Charles Haanel says later in the MKS that the Law of Attraction brings us our own, and that’s exactly what is meant by this. Not what we think occasionally or think we deserve of what somebody else has; no, it brings us more of who we are already, but with the Master Key System we can change that. That’s why we are here, and with a better understanding of how the processes of creative visualization work, it becomes much easier and more satisfying.

About the Real I, or True Self

This is sooo important – to understand that you are neither your mind nor your body. Both are tools to act out your current life/reality. The controling unit behind it is your real “I”, which is unbound, infinite, unlimited.

If you really understand that your real “I” is one with the Infinite, you’ll come to appreciate that there are no limits other than those that you place on yourself. You are no longer bound, but create for yourself whatever you set your mind on. With the MKS you learn how to bring things from the Unmanifest into the Manifest, and in order to do so, spend some time understanding and really getting what it means that the unit that controls your behaviour is not really bound by or to anything.

Compare this to your current life and all the limitations you experience. They only exist because of insufficient information on your side. Enlarge the amount of information you absorb and recognise new patterns, from which you will then take decisions that will lead to a new, healthy, wealthy and happy life.

Mental house-cleaning

In this part it’s important to remember that we have to engage in a constant process of mental, physical and moral house-cleaning. We’ve become who we are through various types and sources of programming, most of them beyond our control, as they happened in the first couple of years. It just went in, unquestioned, irrefuted, undoubted.

So, now is the time to get rid of mental and physical extras. Now is the time to build a mental home made of only the best material, the best ingredients. And these ingredients are simply thoughts of love, health and abundance in all relations. Form a new habit. Prevent any doubt or negative thought from entering your sphere of consciousness. Should a thought of that nature come up, accept it lovingly, clothe it in light and send it back to the source. It has served its purpose and is now ready to be transcended, transmuted and transformed by yourself.

Once again, if we make a habit out of it, we BECOME that what we have thought. So from now on develop a love consciousness, a health consciousness and a wealth consciousness by simple paying attention to ONLY that and nothing else. Think like a lover, think like a champ, think like a wealthy person. Be a lover, be a champ, be rich! It’s your birthright, but if you don’t ask the question, how could it come to you!

Pay attention to what you are paying attention to. Watch yourself think! Correct yourself in the moment! Go to the other side, the other pole, the other end of the stick. The more you move to the other side, the more you move away from the side you’re currently on. It’s the principle of polarity.

At all times affirm your oneness with the Infinite, because the Infinite is part of you. It knows that. Now it’s time you remember, that you know that you’re part of the Infinite too, and that unlimited resources are at your disposal. Just ask the question, make that mental appropriation. Do it because you can – you’ll be so glad you did. 🙂

The essence of chapter 6

First of all, the exercise of Chapter 5 is the first one where we are starting with a visualisation exercise. After the first 4 weeks/parts were spent obtaining physical and mental control, plus physical and mental relaxation, here we are starting to work on our visualisation powers, or our imagination.

As regards the content of this part, “awareness” or “attention” is everything. Why? Because it means looking closer, paying “attention” to the details, thinking and analysing what is best. Haanel mentions that when we are building a home, we are selecting only the best material available, and suggests that for the construction of our mental, physical and moral home, we should do exactly the same.

Become more attentive. Don’t judge when you see something or something happens or someone says something to you, but observe. Distance yourself from the story, watch it dispassionately from a distance, because this way, being less emotionally attached to it, you will observe more details, giving you more clarity. This clarity is needed to then identify patterns, get certainty, become centered, become calm and rested, and based on that make intelligent decisions.

To sum it up: if you don’t pay attention, you will not become successful, because all success stems from someone looking in places and thinking up things where no one has looked before or thought before. The rare stuff is the valuable stuff – compare a glass of beer with a glass of 25yr old whiskey and you know what I mean.

The mould or model as a pattern for your future

Charles Haanel says so succinctly that “the image is the mould or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.” It’s exactly like this. First the spiritual, then the material, never the other way round.

First you create the image of your Ideal in your mind. The nice thing is that once you’ve created it, it already exists, and once it exists the very thing that can go straight out of the window is … doubt! Why doubt if you know it’s already there?! All you have to do is “densify” it, read: lower the frequency by adding more energy and attention to it, thus allowing the electrons to arrange and align themselves to form atoms, then molecules, then crystals, then real matter.

Later on you will learn how to concentrate yourself, because when you do this in the stillness of whatever place you’ve chosen, you will get inspired in the truest sense of the word. Under meditation and concentration you will get informed about how to go about reaching your goal, but in order to reach it you first need a very clear picture, and that’s what your visualisation skills are there for. The clearer the picture, the easier it is to manifest it.

Visualisation – and then?

I often get approached by people studying the Master Key System with the topic of visualization. They read or hear that they need to visualize what they wish to manifest in their life. However, there seem to be pieces missing in their puzzle, because it’s just not working for them.

Visualization is of course an important ingredient in the process of manifestation, but it’s still just one ingredient, and not the whole ‘shebang’. In the Master Key System, we start dealing with it only in Chapter Five. The reason for this is obvious: first of all, a solid foundation needs to be laid. This is why the exercises of the first four parts deal with physical control, mental control, physical relaxation and mental relaxation. Based on that we can start creating coherent mental images, which is obviously very difficult if not impossible without physical and mental control and relaxation.

Before we embark on it, we should be clear about one thing: it’s what Ophiel, author of The Art of Creative Visualization, calls the “Sphere of Availability”. He provides the example of a beggar, for whom a rug is within his sphere of availability, but a luxury car is not. As your development in most cases is gradual, you should pick something that is within reach, and then work your way up from there.

Over and above that, you can visualize til the cows come home, but if your images are not imbued with feeling and if you don’t reach the action phase, your mental images will remain just that. So ask yourself if you get into the feeling of already having what you are desiring and if you are acting on the additional information you are obtaining during visualization / concentration.

So, first create images that are within reach and that are believable, and then get cracking, because visualization by itself will get you better images, but that’s about it.

Also remember, and that’s something that Charles Haanel deals with later in the MKS, that you are NOT after material things, but after happiness and harmony. The material things are just tools to get you there, so they are means to an end, not the end itself.

Lastly, when it comes to money, remember that what you receive in the end, is a fraction of what you have to generate. If you wish to receive $10,000, you will have to create/initiate a value chain to the tune of $100,000. In that case at least $10,000 will be yours for sure. This means that you will have to set your sights so much higher, and this removes the selfish aspect from your thoughts and actions. Remember that what benefits one, must benefit all!

Chapter 8 – About the battleship exercise

On the German forum many students complained about the battleship visualisation exercise and replaced it with something more palatable. I would advise against that for the following reasons:

The point of this exercise is to visualise something material and trace it back to its origin. In this case Charles Haanel chose a battleship, because at the time of writing it was the largest modern, man-made construction, but also one with extremely destructive powers. So one aspect of this exercise is to trace the making of the battleship back to its origins. When we do this, we realise that it is us who are at the beginning of everything material. It is our thoughts, feelings and actions that eventually lead to a monstrosity such as this battleship.

When we dematerialize the battleship, we are finding the ultimate cause. This principle can be applied in any other area too. Trace back any material object, and you will end up with “spirit”. By recognizing the cause, we can in the future set new causes in motion, preferably those that do not lead to the construction of a battleship.

This exercise also needs to be seen in context with that of the next part, because there we plant a seed and visualize its growing into a beautiful, nice-smelling flower. So you see, the one is about taking something material and tracing it back to its origins, something bad that we do not want to repeat creating, while the other one is about planting a seed that grows into something beautiful, something that delights the world – something we certainly want more of.

In summary, the exercise of this part teaches us that whatever effect (battleship, war,…) we perceive with our senses, we have created it ourselves, through participation or omission. And if we don’t like the effect of war, we need to change the cause, which is our thinking. It also teaches us to look below the surface, not to judge the appearance, but to understand that the effect has a long chain of causation, and that very soon in the tracing back of that chain you are left with things spiritual, with thoughts and feelings. And once we have mastered the exercise of finding the ultimate cause (which is always of a spiritual nature) by means of dematerialization, we then move to Chapter 9, where it’s about a constructive visuliazation in order to create something with our thoughts that has a delightful and beneficial effect.

Also, if you read carefully, you will notice that he mentions the thousands of able seamen, ready to jump into action to move this complex machinery and make it fulfil its purpose. Well, this is also an analogy to your body! At your command, there are millions and millions of cells, each with their own consciousness and intelligence, ready to obey the word – your word! Keep that in mind! You are the master of your own body! It’s your belief system that makes or breaks this wonderful piece of assembled consciousness.

Positive Thinking is only the beginning

Often I hear people say “Well, I’ve now been thinking positively for so long, and still, nothing is happening!” Well, yeah, right, how can something happen if you don’t take it the next step and actually DO something?

We gotta get crackin’, because if we don’t, we miss out on that vital element in the chain towards materialisation or manifestation. This also means we need to get fit, because if we have high hopes or better high ideals, then we need sufficient energy, physical and mental, in order to accomplish said ideals.

If we carry on the way we’ve lived in the past, we’ll keep getting what we’ve got in the past. So.. positive thinking is a great start, followed by affirmations to continue retuning your brain, but then it’s about action, because only that will lead to new results. Plus, once you’ve accomplished your first goal, small as it may have been, it’s so much easier to continue with something a little bigger.

Start small, but start NOW!

About scientifically true ideals

Initially I thought that scientifically true ideals are those that we, using the current powers we can express, are capable of making come true. Haanel says in Part One what we cannot express any powers that we do not possess, so scientifically true ideals in this case would be the ones that correspond to our ability to express. However, paragraph 10 makes it clearer what Charles Haanel means:

If we are wise, we shall come into a realization of the tremendous fact that no arbitrary condition can exist for a moment, and that human experience is the result of an orderly and harmonious sequence.

So he is talking about order and harmony. This then connects with the Law of Periodicity he’s mentioned right at the beginning, and Law is always about order and harmony and about repetition, meaning: certainty.

In sections 15 and 18,19 he makes it even clearer what this means for us:

..the objective mind will impress the mind and result in a mental image which will become a pattern for the creative energies.


To think is to create a thought, but the result of the thought will depend upon its form, its quality and its vitality. The form will depend upon the mental images from which it emanates; this will depend upon the depth of the impression, the predominance of the idea, the clarity of the vision, the boldness of the image.

So it all starts with a thought, and if that thought is of good quality and form and vitality, it will bring about corresponding results. Positive thoughts bring about positive results, negative thoughts bring about negative results. But as the negative doesn’t have a vital principle, it will sow the seed of its own dissolution, while the positive has a vital principle and will bring about more of itself, without self-destruction.

All in all, my initial take wasn’t that far off. It means that we should make the best use of our current capabilities (subjecting ideas to a searching analysis and accepting nothing that isn’t scientifically true.) This way our faculties increase and we are able to create even larger and grander versions of ourselves – for our own and the benefit of all others. This is being effected by rightful thinking and by creating ideals that have principle, that we imbue with feelings and thus life, and that can therefore express even more life.

We start small, increase of faculties and reach for higher goals with every ideal we create, after having fulfilled the previous one.

I hope this helps with your understanding.

The scientific aspect of concentration (meditation)

When we combine our intellect with our desire (or wish) and our imagination, we are meditating. Full stop. The focus of our attention on one particular topic for a prolonged period of time is what we call meditation.

Interesting in this regard is the scientific side of it. When we meditate, we are entering a state of relaxation where the so-called Alpha brain waves are becoming dominant. The major frequency is 7.83hz, so 7.83 undulations per second. The same number is also the main frequency of the so-called Schumann Frequency. This is a standing wave within the cavity (space) between the Earth’s crust and the Ionosphere. It is created by Lightning and literally engulfs the Earth.

What happens when we meditate is this: we become part of a resonant system. A system exists because it is much easier to transfer information if a certain homogenity exists. Individual units are giving up their differences and “agree” on one mode of operation. This way a huge amount of information can be transferred with very little energetic effort. And this is exactly what happens when we meditate. We quite literally plug ourselves into a much larger system. We open the tap to the Universal. In meditation we have intuitive access to a much larger body of information, compared to our waking state of consciousness (“beta”) when the conscious mind is operating.

Let’s remember that it’s not the task of the conscious mind to process such large amounts of information. Its task is to differentiate and large amounts of info have the habit of confusing the mind. This is why we go into silence, still the mind, and allow ourselves to be inspired and to be intuitively informed.

I hope this shed some light on why we meditate, what is happening when we do it, and that this esoteric practice has a sound scientific basis.

The Law of Attraction: how it works

Haanel says right in the beginning of the MKS, that the LoA is not bringing to us what we desire or what we think we deserve or what someone else has, but it brings us “our own”. How so?

The answer to this is easy: we have nervous system which receives the signals from the outside, passes them on to our brain, which then interprets them according to who we are. Read: our internal programming, effected through our upbringing, our education, belief system, etc. is what then translates those signals into emotions/feelings and thoughts. But these aren’t fixed. We’re just looking at them through our lens, that’s all.

Example: if someone uninitiated looks at a fire-walker (walking over hot coals), he will probably break out in angst and sweat, because his belief is that you will burn yourself. Put that in contrast to someone who has fire-walked before and knows from experience that it won’t hurt you – he’ll be literally left ‘cool’.

So you see there is no such thing as an overall reality, only individual realities. And if you don’t like your interpretation of reality, change your thinking. Make that counter suggestion as mentioned in Part 2, make it over and over again. What happens physically is that you develop a different sensitivity, so you will not only pick up signals of a different nature, but you will also interpret them differently, thus creating a completely new reality for you.

So the Law of Attraction then brings to you your “new Own”, because through repetition you’ve formed new habits and made certain processes subconscious. “The word became flesh.” And now, with you being “different” to how/who you were before, your interpretation of the signals from the outside is an entirely different one. So what you now pay attention to, you become conscious of, and this is health, wealth and happiness. Simply because you’ve dared to look in a different direction and were exposed to different energies. This way you can turn everything around that you desire to turn around, and you see that there is no magic or occult stuff involved, just Natural Laws.

Haanel made a point of the MKS being scientific and not some make-believe stuff, and this proves again that he is right, because if you focus your attention on all that is pro-life, or life-affirming, it will show more and more in your own life, until one day it’s as normal as it can be, because it’s automatic, sub-conscious and therefore removed from your conscious interpretation through your mental faculties.

Increasing your Vital Force

I am not sure why Charles Haanel put this topic so far back in the course, because it is of paramount importance. It also links into the exercises of Parts 1-4 and some comments of his in part 5.

We should not delude ourselves in thinking that we can embark on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth without a corresponding increase in our Vital Force. In Part 5 Haanel talks about moral, mental and physical purity. So what we eat, drink and how we exercise, stay fit and flexible is an integral part of it, and anyone neglecting this aspect of growth will find it increasingly difficult to continue on this journey. Why? Because if the energy is used up to maintain the physical system, not enough or nothing is left for our brain activities.

Thinking eats up a LOT of oxygen and requires good food, because in order to be effective it needs to be harmonious, systematic and constructive, and not just here and there and inbetween. If our focus (attention, concentration) cannot be kept in one place for long enough because the body once again demands attention (indicating the presence of resistance and therefor the absence of “flow”), then we will never be able to accomplish what we’ve set out to. This is not rocket science, just pure common sense.

So, have fun on this journey and see your mental capabilities and physical abilities go through the roof while you are cleansing yourself and strengthening yourself for the tasks that lie ahead. If you have any questions regarding the raising of your life force, feel free to ask here to spend some time searching, using the appropriate keywords.

Thought precedes action

Thought necessarily precedes and predetermines action; action precedes and
predetermines condition.

In paragraph 6 Charles Haanel goes on saying that:

The secret of power is a perfect understanding of the principles, forces, methods and combinations of Mind, and a perfect understanding of our relationship to the Universal Mind.

This means that the better we understand our relationship to the Universal Mind, the better our thought will be. If our thought be clear, concise and full of life and harmony, so will our action and, correspondingly, the condition that emerges.

Thus far we have “located” this power outside of ourselves, but now we learn that nothing is further from the truth. And this realization brings us to the possession of true power, the power that comes from within and the power that allows us to create whatever we deem fit for creation. But as we have understood that good and evil are just terms we have given particular outcomes, it no longer makes any sense to think up negative things as we know what the corresponding condition or result will look like. And no longer will we seek or hope for an external power, but find it right within ourselves.

Remember that the Master Key System is largely about activating your Solar Plexus, the 3rd chakra) and once you have mastered this, you will then proceed to the 4th, your Heart Chakra, where you will display yet another set of qualities for your betterment and that of Mankind.

Charles Haanel once again urges us to seek Silence and Solitude. Great thoughts are born there, and this is what you are after. Insight, inspiration and clarity are obtained in Silence, so make sure you appropriate this in order to further your ideas and ideals.

Think and grow [xxx]

Here are some notes of mine on this part. I hope you enjoy them. “New thinking, new Man” is the title of this part, and as you have seen from the board index, the copy for this part reads that we are all the result of past thinking. Anyone who has progressed to this stage (22 weeks of studying) knows the implications of this. New thinking will create a new Man.

As we progress, as we get stronger in our resolve and understanding of the principles that underlie all of Creation, we are not only reinventing ourselves, but at the same time freeing ourselves of old habits. That said, most of those habits are known to us, but sometimes we don’t know what the real cause is. Remember, the spiritual realm is so much bigger than the material one. It is easy to trace back some habits to our family upbringing, but very little do we know about the stuff that we have carried over from past lives or that other elements are causing.

If you think you are doing everything right, yet are still not making progress, try to get some assistance on that side too, and see where there are possible attachments or dark spots that need to be removed before you can really break through and live a free life.

In this “light” it is even more important to let your light shine. Let it shine consciously, as often as you possibly can. This activates your Solar Plexus, your inner sun, as you have learnt in Part Three already. I am repeating this here, because it is central to you becoming whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Needless to say that this is the affirmation of Part Nine, which I urge you to use as Charles Haanel suggests, meaning: as the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night when you go to bed, and inbetween as often as you remember.

Also make sure that you take in “light” food, because you will need all the help you can get, and if your body is bogged down by heavy or overprocessed and thus dead food, you will not have the energy you need for your spiritual development. This obviously reminds us of the material in Part Five and Six. It’s part of the houscleaning Charles Haanel is talking about.

You can see that a lot of things are required to come together, but when they do, a new Being is born; a Being full of life and love and compassion, a Being that is now fulfilling its birthright by being whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

Thinking big thoughts

You are who you are. You are that because of your programming, your past, your education, upbringing, etc. If this programming didn’t include thinking big thoughts, chances are that you never accomplished anything big. Big thoughts create big things!

It’s our going beyond our mental and physical comfort zone; it’s our going the extra mile; it’s our thinking beyond our limits, conjuring up the seemingly impossible that will tap into that Universal Substance just as every other thought we think. So if we do think, why not think big thoughts right away? If we make a habit of thinking big thoughts, they too will become automatic and then “us”. And then big things happen just as automatically, too, because it’s become totally normal, and we don’t have spend much thought about that anymore.

Even if for now you don’t accomplish your big dream, at least you’ve come a lot closer to its fulfillment. And this has lifted you onto a new level, from which it is easier to grab the next rung on the ladder.

Remember, when you have arrived at this part of the MKS, you will be very well versed in physical and mental control, physical and mental relaxation, intense and complex visualisation, PLUS intense and abstract concentration exercises. You’re well into the 6th and final month of your study, so thinking big will come easy to you. If it doesn’t, do not hesitate to go back and redo previous parts and exercises. This is “big stuff” country by now, but what “big” is, that you and only you will define and keep defining.

Again, make a habit of thinking big, of allowing the impossible to become possible, of living the greatest version of your Self. You deserve it and you are good enough to get it. You just need to make a habit of it. It’s really that simple.

Getting rich real quick…

… is probably what tempts most people to the Master Key System. However, with good reason, Charles Haanel puts the “money thing” right at the back, because after 5.5 months of studying, you will have developed a completely different mindset and gained a completely new understanding. Then, and only then, it is time to understand that money is a means, but not an end.

Charles Haanel puts our service to Mankind first; the result is material wealth for us. And yes, we are entitled to this material wealth. We have a birthright to live in abundance. Abundance is not the same as greed, because the latter revolves mainly around taking advantage of others weakness, taking away things rather than adding them.

We learn in this part that we cannot find lasting satisfaction in material things, because we are of a spiritual nature, so only spiritual things like happiness and harmony will give us that satisfaction. Money, however, is the “gel” that keeps it together, that keeps things flowing, and the more we have, the more we can give, and the more we give, the more we will receive, but first we have to give. And for that very reason we are developing a money consciousness in service of Mankind, uplifting and enriching those that cross our path.

If you remember the title of part 21… there we have learnt about thinking big thoughts. If we continue thinking on the same level as before, which in most cases was pretty low (otherwise, why bother with the MKS?), we will continue getting the effects of this low level of thinking. So with the big thoughts and sufficient energy, we create a better world for all of us. You see, the MKS is not about self-enrichment, but about all-enrichment, about lifting Mankind onto a new level of existence. However, in the process – through the Law of Attraction – you are getting more and more wealthy, too, because we are dealing with Natural Law here, not with chance or happenstance.

By now you will understand the systematic approach Charles Haanel has chosen not only in the exercises, but also in the actual parts of the MKS, you will come to appreciate the great value that it holds for those keen enough to look a bit closer. So look closer and understand what money is there for. Apply the principles learnt in the MKS and you will never ever go without again in your life, but be a fountain of creation for all those that cross your path.

Allowing someone else to do the thinking for you

Another thought that occurred to me is this: the battleship is just a useless piece of metal without those manning it. Those manning it are following orders. They are – at a larger level – not doing their own thinking, because if they spent some time mulling over the death and destruction they bring about, they would stop doing that in an instant.

This example with the battleship shows what the outcome is when large numbers of people are led, rather than them leading. Haanel says in a later part that masses are always led, they never lead themselves. Why? Simply because they don’t think for themselves, but the thinking is done for them. Only then can evil things such as battleships come into existence. Obviously the battleship is just a symbol of a much larger evil, and that is war itself, which just like the battleship can only take place if masses of people are disengaged from thinking.

So this exercise should give you plenty of food for thought and once and for all stop you from being thought for you. Instead, you are becoming an independent thinker, a conscious co-creator, and your creations are beautiful, harmonious and to the benefit of mankind.

Evolution, Harmony, Nature

What does it mean to live in harmony with natural law? It means that nature has taken billions of years to test and try, has gone through countless permutations in order to arrive at the best it could get. If we, as humans, understand this and align ourselves with it, life will be so much easier.

Electricity is a perfect example: we don’t really know how it works, but if we touch a live wire, we know what happens to us – the discharge is going to knock us out or dead. However, if we use it in a modest and channeled form, it will provide us with all the amenities or luxuries we have created out of the pure force/potential by transforming it down to suit our needs

So the first action is not in harmony, whereas the second one is. One we cannot deal with, the other one we can. One is anti-life, the other one pro-life.

We as humans know whether we operate in harmony with natural law, when things flow, when there is no resistance, when beautiful things flourish and enrich our lives, when there is peace and harmony and a general well-being.

Nature has a wonderful way of nudging us in the right direction, because the longer we are “out of harmony with natural law”, we see a widening gap between where we are and where we ought to be. This widening gap causes ever more tension and stress, a clear indicator that we are on the wrong track with our thoughts, feelings and deeds. The more in alignment we are, the more the tension eases, the more power we have for our growth rather than our mere survival and sustenance.

So, there you have it. 🙂

Everything happens by design

Charles Haanel wants us to understand that there is nothing happening by chance. It’s all law. It’s cause and effect. It’s the Law of Attraction. Sometimes the chain of causation is a very long one, where we aren’t aware of all the details. However, as we have seen with the exercise of part 8, we see a battleship but are hardly aware of all that’s going on inside and also how it came about.

So in this part our focus lies on comparing individual cases until we find the common denominator that gave rise to them all. Why is this important? Because that common denominator show the workings of the Law. That’s why it’s called common and denominator. This way we can say with certainty that one particular cause leads to a particular effect. This takes away the element of uncertainty, as Charles Haanel himself mentions in the MKS. Certainty leads to centeredness; centeredness leads to peace of mind, and peace of mind leads to intelligent decisions. They in turn lead to the best that life has to offer us.

You see why it is so important to look closely, to compare, to identify the common denominator, because then and only we move from belief to knowledge and from there to wisdom.

The importance of focus and persistence

In my understanding, the main reasons for failure are the lack of persistence and lack of focus. In fact, the entire chain from the initial idea all the way through to the materialisation (fulfillment of the desire or dream) is flawed.

In order to accomplish anything, we need a clear idea – an ideal. This ideal is rough, but visualisation (concentration in meditation) provides the details. Once that ideal has been set nothing and no one is allowed to alter this, including ourselves. Unfortunately, we are our own worst enemies, compromising the lofty ideals and visions we have with thoughts of inadequacy, but also a poverty consciousness, one that causes us not to believe in the actual fulfillment of our ideal.

So once it’s set, it’s set – come hell or high water (or both!) Then, as we’ve learnt in the past weeks, it’s all about giving details to the rough ideal and imbuing this with feelings. These feelings are feelings of gratitude and feelings of enjoyment and feelings that a state of accomplishment would bring. This is so important, because we seem to be programmed in such a way that we see ourselves distanced from the fulfillment when in fact this should merge into a state, where the seeker and the seeked become one. You identify yourself with the object of desire and treat it as if it’s already yours. Yes, your dream has already been fulfilled, because that’s what you really want. You don’t want to find yourself longing forever, no, you want the absolute certainty, the knowledge, that it’s yours. And it becomes yours if you stick to the ideal, do not allow doubt or lack of anything to creep in, and if you treat it as an already accomplished fact. That’s the signal – the thought – that you are sending to your subconscious mind on an ongoing basis. The subconscious doesn’t argue but delivers, and if the thoughts come with the necessary force and consistency, you soon become what you think, at which time it will leave the realm of your conscious dealing with it. It’s yours, and rightly so!

So, when you form your ideal, keep it! Hold it tight. It’s yours! Nurture it as you would nurture a child or a plant. They need the same energy to grow as your ideal. Nothing difficult in there, right?

It takes discipline and a strong self-consciousness to “do” this, but the rewards are simply outstanding and worth every effort. You will see for yourself, so go ahead with your studies. You are halfway through the Master Key System – keep up the excellent work and let life shower you with blessings abundant.

Developing a predominant mental attitude

The Master Key System is not about some positive thinking that we entertain every now and then. It is about a new mental attitude that we cultivate and nurture, so that it can take a firm hold within our entire being.

This part tells us about the Law of Cause and Effect. In Part 11 we’ve learned that Inductive Reasoning gets us from Belief to Knowledge. Here we learn that for every distinct cause there is an effect. The same cause will inevitably have the same effect.

For us this means that if we continue thinking the way we’ve thought before, we’ll continue to receive what we’ve received before. And as we now know, having absolved half of the MKS course, the solution lies once again in our thinking. It is that changed way of looking at things, evaluating them – “slotting them in” so to say – that creates new causes and therefore new effects.

Once again, it takes discipline to obtain this predominant mental attitude. Old habits die hard, the saying goes, but they do die eventually. They die because you starve them off their attention, because you are mentally moving towards the other pole with an opposite polarity, read “quality”. That’s where you are anchoring yourself, and this anchoring is done through mere repetition. Let others think what they want. All that matters is what you think and consequently what you experience in life.

Chance, happenstance, accident,…. all that leaves your life and you know for sure that Law governs your life, a life which you are creating with every breath you take. Remember, NOW is the moment of Power. NOW you decide on the quality of the thoughts you entertain. Remember that the subconscious doesn’t argue. It simply executes, and it does so without fail. So send it only thoughts of abundance, harmony, love, compassion, understanding, commitment, stability and such, because those are the qualities you would then like to see manifested in your life.

The subconscious converts those thoughts into tangible values, but only if you keep sending them, keep entertaining them, keep having them. This way your physical being changes completely and your nervous sensitivities convert from the old to the new. You are being born again!

Co-operating with the Omnipotent

This is short and sweet – at least as far as I currently understand it. There exists a forward movement of the Universe. Over the millenia it has replaced one version with a more capable one; it has used time to perfect things. Sure, as everything goes in cycles (or periods or rhythms), sometimes it folds itself in or takes a detour, but the forward movement is apparent.

Charles Haanel writes that the Natural Laws are there for our favor, but if we keep violating or ignoring them, we will not derive a benefit. So we can ignore electricity or we can use it to our benefit. Same with gravity. Same with implosion and other natural forces. Or scalar waves. Long subject, same outcome. The more we tune ourselves into and align ourselves with all the great stuff that Nature has provided us with, the more abundant and fulfilling our lives will be.

If that is too abstract for you, then remember the next time you meditate, that you are getting yourself tuned into the Schumann Resonance, a standing wave “circling” the earth between its crust and the Ionosphere, about 50-60 miles above the Earth’s surface. In a meditative state, you open the tap to the Universal Consciousness and literally connect with others who are also meditating. This way you come into the enjoyment of much more information, read: inspiration through intuition, than your conscious mind could ever come up with. This is a perfect example of you making use of Natural Laws. You also realize that there is a perfect “balance” between the spiritual and the scientific – they are not as removed as some are trying to make it out.

So by you getting into alignment with the Omnipotent, you are removing any kind of resistance to it. The lack of resistance results in harmony. Your conscious cooperation allows you to tap into the flow, into all that exists. If you fail to do it; if you keep minding your own business, you will see the gap widening and friction increasing. The more harmonious and abundant your life is, the more you know that you are on the right track. If you are still experiencing any kind of lack or limitation, then you know that you have deviated from the track. Get back on! NOW! You’ll be so glad you did.

All is law; Law is all

One of the fundamental truths we learn in the MKS is that all is law. Everything in the Universe is governed by law – everything. When I first read this, it certainly did register on some level, but never really sank in. But the more I went over the individual parts again, and the more this divine knowledge started to take roots, the more I understood the meaning of it.

Sure, one comes to know about the Hermetic Principles, which form the basis of the MKS, but the moment you grasp that your life isn’t subject to chance or luck or fate, you come into contact with a Power that is difficult to describe.

This is also what Chapter 14 deals with, namely our ability to consciously withdraw energy from something. So far we’ve learnt to put additional energy into something by means of paying attention, but now we learn that something will also go away when we stop paying attention to it. This is the Discipline of Thinking Charles Haanel is talking about. By negating negative influences, we are withdrawing our energy, and without energy there simply is no life. Sure, it doesn’t mean something doesn’t exist, but the point is that if we withdraw energy from it, it seizes to exist for us. Others will still pay attention to it and it will therefore live for them, but this is their choice and thus their manifestation. You decide for yourself, and you know by now that negative conditions can be reversed by the power of your thought, read: by focussing, thus concentrating and thus becoming conscious of what you wish to manifest in your life.

Health, Wealth and Happiness are states of consciousness, and they are obtained by a process of transformation, powered by your truthful and disciplined thinking, with the result of a new programming taking root in your Subconscious Mind, the place of manifestation.

Do you see how it all comes together? Initially you’ve learned that there is only one Consciousness that can think, and when it thinks, thoughts become things. High vibrations are stepped down and turn into matter. Past programming is replaced with new programming. New thoughts turn into new things. Your thinking is what makes or breaks you. It is your understanding and your bringing yourself into alignment with Universal Law that will bring about Health, Wealth and Happiness for you, and this is LAW and not chance or luck.

So, as everything is law, you know that you can obtain whatever you desire. All you have to do is find out the law behind it and then apply its principles. This is what the MKS is all about, and when you allow yourself to absorb the divine wisdom contained within it, you will become the Master Architect of your own life.

Coming back to denying negative conditions: when things are brought into manifestation by paying attention to them, the same principle applies to the reverse, that things are brought out of manifestation by denial. Again, this denial won’t show immediate results, but a steady process of refusing to tune into such frequencies (vibrations, “vibes”, and thus energies) will result in those things to disappear from your life.

An example: If you stop listening to one radio station, you will very soon no longer be able to tell what is broadcast there. But as you replace this with something else, you will be able to tell more about this “something else”. The fact is that you do this anyway every single day of your life, but now you are beginning to do it consciously, and this will make all the difference.

If you are among those who still need to “see” results, take good note of what this chapter contains and do not hesitate to revisit the previous chapters, too. Your attention is directed still too much on the negative conditions rather on setting new causes (Chapter 13!) by the power of your mind.

Your life will change once you have obtained a new mental attitude. This attitude is the result of persistence in combination with truthful thinking, and this thinking is what you have to make a discipline of, which is only obtained through repetition, read: exercise.

So, if your life is not what you want it to be, redouble your efforts, or in MKS-terms: start from the beginning, for it is the exercises that change you, not the simply weekly progression through the chapters.

About obtaining physical control

One of the questions asked most often in the beginning is: how do I know I have physical control over myself? The answer is simple: when you don’t have to ask this question anymore, read: when you don’t have to think about it anymore. That’s when you’ve impressed your subconscious sufficiently enough to have this control rather than still doubting, still questioning.

This is also why it’s so important to perhaps spend more than a week on each of the first four parts, but also – if not done already – engage in something like yoga, where it’s part of the exercise to obtain physical control.

Here it is really only about sitting still, because the following 24 weeks you will be doing exactly that. In Chapter 2 you will learn how to gain control over your thoughts, and for that you will have to have control over your body, so this exercise is the foundation for all that is yet to come.

PS: Please also pay attention to the books or CDs I am recommending via links to Amazon. Whatever I am recommending here has been tried or read by myself. The musical work of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson deserves special attention, as it assists you in obtaining various mental states.

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How to get the Master Key System book in South Africa

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Master Key System Centenary Edition, which I have prepared and am publishing here in South Africa, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. The book costs R200. S&H is R25. I will then send you the EFT details and pop it in the post as soon as I have your address and proof of purchase.

As the Master Key System gains momentum in South Africa, there will be more outlets carrying it, thus making it easier to obtain a copy. You can also get editions by US publishers through Exclusive Books or Wordsworth. With mine, however, I placed emphasis on easy reading and understanding, plus added numerous comments and annotations, as you may have already seen on this website and can see by clicking on the image above.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Once again, just in case you forgot: the Master Key System is not a book, but a 24-week course that you will do in the comfort of your own home. My study service for only €59.00 (about R600) will give you two emails a week, plus a video with an average duration of about 25-30 minutes, explaining, summarizing and just helping you learn and understand faster and more comprehensively.

Study service subscriber from the old site

If you have enjoyed your study service on the site and cannot access it on this site, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. I will then transfer your account, or rather set it up here, so that you can enjoy the videos without interruption.

Published: 26 January 2017


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