Welcome to my Beginner’s Guide to the Master Key System. Contrary to what you may expect, things are simple. In fact, everything in life is simple. The Sages of the Ages knew all that all too well when they coined the axiom: As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without. Now it’s time again to listen carefully, for wisdom is about to enter your ears.

If you are keen to take a really quick and 100% fool-proof self-analysis test, then do the following: Listen to yourself. Listen to the words that come out of your mouth, for they are the result of what you are currently thinking, only in a “lower frequency and higher density” form. Your words are also what you are about to do. They also express how you feel, so they are a perfect guidance to find out how things are with you.

If your words are beautiful, harmonious, and acknowledge and appreciate the abundance that life offers each of us, then all is well. If, however, you complain about external circumstances, about lack and limitation, inadequate health, not enough time, money and love, never mind all the bad people you see on TV, then one thing’s for sure: you aren’t thinking right.

Rightful thinking is what you learn in the Master Key System. Rightful is what is true, and true is what possesses principle. That which has principle (“Life”) can and does sustain itself out of itself. Mathematics has principle – error has not. Light has principle – darkness has not. Love has principle – hate has not. All the “bad” things we are only “bad”, because what they are causing isn’t really to our liking. In fact, if we continue with “bad” things, we are seriously compromising our own mental, emotional and physical well-being. See, there you have it: “bad” isn’t to our liking. We like things because they make us feel “good”, and feeling good means having sufficient if not excess energy. That’s nothing but your energy centres (Chakras) all rotating harmoniously, and transforming high-frequency energy down, so that you can live a great life.

In the Master Key System you learn about principle; you also learn about thinking. You also learn who you are (spirit) and who you are not (your mind, your body). You learn that spirit is One (remember, we are all one), because spirit cannot be divided. All spirit is one. However, we as individuals aren’t one, we are individualizations (forms) of that formless energy that we call “spirit”, “God”, “Universal Consciousness” or “Zero Point Field” – all just different names that try to describe that which has no form, but is everywhere, almighty and all-knowing.

As you are a spiritual being, you are part of the whole. A part cannot be different than the whole; the only difference is of degree. So as you are spirit, you have infinite resources at your disposal – it’s like that big warehouse in the sky. Everything is there, but if no one goes shopping, the good(ie)s won’t reach you. How you do the shopping, that’s what the MKS explains.

It explains that you have a Conscious Mind, with its centre in the brain. There you decide what to do or say or…, and by deciding you choose one option out of many others available. The decision is called “a thought”, and a thought is energy – it can be measured. Now if you think thoughts over and over again, they form habits. Habits become automatic. And what is automatic, no longer needs to be thought about – pretty much like walking, speaking, driving a car, reading these lines here in English.

Once something has become automatic, it has left the realm of the conscious and entered the …. Subconscious. The Subconscious Mind has its seat in the Solar Plexus. That’s your inner Sun. It radiates life. It is the source of all life for you. If you want more energy to live life beautifully, expand your Solar Plexus. Charles Haanel explains that in the Master Key System, as well as in his 1927 book, “A Book about You”.

The brain and the Solar Plexus are connected via the Vagus Nerve. So signals travel from the brain down and reach the Solar Plexus. The Subconscious Mind operates very differently from the Conscious Mind. It doesn’t argue – it just takes and executes orders, but only if they are sufficiently concentrated. Its role is to express life (through the Solar Plexus), but if you send down the wrong signals, it can be undermined. Poverty, disease, hate, envy, anger, jealousy, worry, and fear – to name but a few – is the result.

So, the sub-optimal life you may be living is simply because of your incorrect thinking. With the Master Key System you are correcting this. You learn about yourself and the Universe. You learn about the physical (science) and the metaphysical. You learn about cause and effect, about vibration, polarity, rhythm and so much more. You learn how to control your body and your mind. You learn how to visualize – to create mental images that you will then give detail and imbue with feelings. You learn how to concentrate; concentrate on anything from a bible quote to harmony, to insight, to your Oneness with the Universal Mind, to Lord Alfred Tenneyson’s words, etc.

Step by step, studying of the Master Key System makes you stronger, more enlightened, more motivated, courageous and driven. You will start doing things. (That’s another way of saying: you will start fulfilling your dreams!). You will become more wealthy, healthy and happy. You will become sovereign. You will become a beacon of hope for those still wandering in the darkness. Mind you, the Master Key System has nothing to do with organized religion or some other belief system. It is a scientific approach to metaphysical things.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your religious or cultural background is. Just because you were born into a particular system or set-up doesn’t mean it is right or has served you. So if you want more out of life, study the Master Key System. There is no church, no sect, no funny organization, no nothing behind it. The Master Key System simply explains Natural Laws and their operation, and what you have to do to align yourself with such laws in order to live a life abundant. They are laws because they always work – whether you like it or know about them ore not. But just as with electricity, if you know them, you can benefit from them.

Every successful person in life is using those laws and principles. Every unsuccessful person is using them too, but unknowingly. So find out about them and find out about the divine being that you are, and your important role on this planet Earth. Live an awesome life, because yes, you are good enough, and yes, you deserve it.

One last thing, though: no one can and will do it for you. You have to study it yourself, apply it yourself, because strength and power come through use (application). If you don’t use them, they will fade. Remember: spiritual things grow through use, material things wear out through use.

What now? Sign up for my study service or get my Master Key System Centenary Edition, plus the Master Key BrainCharger. It’s the best money you’ll ever invest. Not only do you get lots of information, but I am also here to help you when you have a question. Watch this website for an awesome interactive MKS soon! Then it will be even easier than it is already. So go ahead, start studying, and let me accompany you. Soon, if not already, you will know why.

Much love and only the best in life. Remember: thoughts become things! You just gotta keep that thought in your mind until it has become automatic, become you. It just takes perseverance and practice. And that’s why you are here. Welcome!

What Customers Say

  • I’ve been following your study guide for 10 weeks now and it is helping me tremendously. I have been reading (yes, reading) the MKS before but I now stay committed and actually practice the exercises as advised. Already noticing some changes. –

    Edwin Van Westrhenen, Netherlands
  • When I found out that you were offering a course on the master key system I was very interested. You are the only person I have heard describe The Master Key System correctly, as a course of study, not a self help book.

    Steve Carey, USA
  • Thank you so much for the thoughtful and insightful answers to my questions. I have read our email exchanges over and over and keep a copy with my other study material. Your replies have truly helped me move forward and I am so thankful.

    Ann Walker, Georgia, USA
  • The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel’s work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!

    Alex Mathieson, UK
  • This course by Helmar Rudolph is fantastic, incredible and more should know about it. I’m so lucky to have found it.

    Nishil Raichura, UK
  • I must tell you I am blown away by your videos. I just wished I spoke your language. It expands my thinking! And I will savor the four videos you made in English.

    Valerie Bulinski, USA
  • The MKS, one of the most powerful journeys you will ever experience, is nicely complemented by Helmar’s study service. The articles and videos are brilliant compliments to the MKS, helping you in many ways along your journey. Not to mention, Helmar is a great guy. Highly recommended!

    Kiran S. Sambih, UK

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