Master Key System Audiobook (MP3)

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The all-new, amazing and truly unique Master Key System audiobook. Including the extended introduction, and Helmar's study tips and commentary. Professionally recorded and mastered for accelerated learning and the practical application in your daily life.

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This is the one product you’ve been waiting for: the all-new Master Key System audiobook. It’s a rare treat, indeed. Professionally recorded by ex-BBC news reader, Peter Baker from the UK, and musically accompanied by custom-composed and -arranged tracks made in Ukraine by Artem of StudioEtude to suit the speed and style of Peter’s voice.

This product is truly unique, as it also contains the extended foreword published in a 1941 UK edition of the Master Key System. Also integrated are Helmar Rudolph’s annotations, helping you understand this amazing teaching faster and better.

In order to get an idea of what awaits you, here’s chapter 1 in full length.

    The product will be available for download in MP3 format from September 1st onwards, but can be pre-purchased here at the introductory price of 59,00 Euros.

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