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The Sayings of the Ancient One (eBook)

Probably the only information on an ancient sub-Saharan African culture in written form. An amazing book by Theosophist Patrick G. Bowen, who was initiated by a (northen African!) Berber tribe in Zululand (South Africa) early 20th century. This book features beautiful biblical prose about the initiation of Man, and the path to Manhood.



I found this book in 2003 in a 2nd-hand bookstore in Franschhoek, outside Cape Town, South Africa. When I first read it, I understood next to nothing. Only 5 years later, after my translation of the Master Key System, more of the content started to make sense to me.

In "The Sayings of the Ancient One", P.G. Bowen put together fragments of what he was taught when working for the South African Parks Board in Zululand early last century. There he came across a Berber tribe in the middle of Zululand. Berbers come from Nothern Africa, so they were very much "out of place".

Bowen got initiated in to the MS Isinzu language by a fellow called Mehlo Moya, and many years later published what he recounted of his time with this tribe. The result is a beautiful piece of biblical prose about the initiation of Man, the path to Manhood, and the wilderness of the Mind of Man.

For English speakers and friends of old theosophical literature, but also those keen to acquire additional insight into mental and spiritual subjects, this book is a must-have and true gem. It will  occupy you for many years to come, revealing its content only as much as you are ready to understand and discern, and decypher the symbolic language used by P.G. Bowen.

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