The Visual Master Key (English)


The Visual Master Key is a 360-degree cylindrical panorama with the Master Key System’s most important keywords. Online Flash application. No download available/applicable.

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The Visual Master Key™ is a very powerful tool, and the only one of its kind available. It’s the world’s first graphical representation of the creative process. It’s a unique, 360-degree, cylindrical panorama with the Master Key System’s most important keywords – a clustered, contextual map, and an interactive, graphical tool.

It has several powerful benefits:

  • It accelerates learning and deepens the understanding of Charles Haanel’s brilliant teaching.
  • It assists in lateral thinking and helps identify obstacles that prevent you from moving forward.
  • It challenges or even breaks up thinking patterns – traditional or engrained – by offering multiple cross-references to other sections of the VMK.

Please click on the  “Sample Video” tab for an introduction and to get a better idea of how it works.

Regular use of the Visual Master Key™ ultimately leads to a successful, practical application of the Master Key System, and therefore to success in all areas of your life! The best results are secured when used in conjunction with your weekly Master Key System studies. It can, however, also be used on its own. This will result in you obtaining a more complete understanding of the creative process, as well as the inter-connectedness of all things.


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